Custom Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas For Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home? Wood And Art offers several Kitchen cabinet options, including a custom cabinet kitchen near me. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite design ideas.

Why Should You Upgrade to Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets are at the heart of any home kitchen and garner special attention. New cabinets can change an outdated kitchen into a modern one that captures the approving glances of others.

Nowadays, Custom Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of design and color options that you can select according to your taste and preferences.

You can spice up your kitchen with decorative cabinets that boast attractive colors and finishes. Whether you prefer a traditional look or fancy something modern, the following design ideas can prove invaluable in your new kitchen remodeling.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Select Cabinets With An Unique Style Of Wood

Wood cabinets impart a natural look to the interior home décor. Of all the different wood styles, maple cabinets are particularly attractive since they have an illustrious shine.

When selecting wood kitchen cabinets, you should keep in mind that lighter cabinets tend to conceal dirt better as compared to dark cabinets.

Creative Custom Design Ideas

An attractive custom cabinet design idea is to surround the refrigerator with cabinets that easily blend in without drawing too much attention. Also, you can install vent hoods that blend perfectly with the kitchen cabinets.

In addition, you can leave counter space on either side of the oven with enough space for cooking utilities used for basic preparations such as baking sheets and others. See some of our completed cabinet projects for ideas.

Install A Cabinet In Your Dining Room

You can have custom kitchen cabinets in the dining room to store dishes, placemats, and other items required for serving the food. Also, you can have a granite or natural stone top that can double as a buffet for serving at parties.

You don’t need to custom design the countertops as the stores have a large number of prefabricated counters that can be used for the purpose.

Yellow Color To Brighten A Dark Room

Yellow color cabinets brighten a dark room. This is particularly a good color option if the kitchen area is small with no natural light. Splashing yellow color on walls, floors, and cabinets can fake natural light inside the house.

Remember to select a glossy finish cabinet, as it will reflect the most light and look the best in a dark room.

kitchen cabinets

Call Wood And Art For Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas And A Free In-Home Estimate

If you want to know more options about the best custom kitchen cabinets near me, you can contact Wood And Art. We have a large number of cabinet door styles and color options that you can choose to perfectly complement your kitchen and dining area. We also have multiple storage options.

You can contact us to receive a no-obligation, free in-home estimate for the kitchen cabinet remodeling task.

Elevate your kitchen with bespoke custom cabinets from our workshop in Golden Beach, FL. With our dedication to craftsmanship, personalized approach, and attention to detail, we can create custom kitchen cabinets that transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space that you’ll love for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward realizing your dream kitchen.

Wood and Art strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients.

How To Choose The Right Air Duct For Your Home?

Selecting an appropriate duct system for your house may be a difficult undertaking. The size of the new unit is among the most crucial factors to take into account. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that larger equipment has more value than smaller equipment. Bigger systems aren’t necessarily better, nor does one size suit all when it comes to duct units. Your flexible air duct system will have to work more and operate longer to heat or cool your room if it is too small. On the other side, a bigger system will cool and heat your home more quickly, but your home may develop hot and cold patches as a result.

Ventilation depends on air ducts, which are also the main factor in improving the quality of the air. Flexible air ducts are available in a range of materials, from budget-friendly, lightweight materials to robust, temperature- and tear-resistant options. Positive or negative pressure exists in every air duct. Positive air ducts typically have a broader pitch, whereas negative air ducts have a narrower pitch to withstand greater vacuum ratings. You may use this blog to navigate the flexible ductwork to your needs.

Square Footage

The size of your home and each room should be measured. Measure the length and breadth of each room using a tape measure or have an HVAC specialist take an exact reading. To get the square footage and total the value for each space, multiply the two values. To determine measures for rooms with unusual shapes, divide the space into rectangular-shaped sections.

Ductwork Type

Hybrid System

This is essentially a more advanced split system that uses intelligent technology to transition between the gas and electric components for the best operational efficiency.

Ductless System

This system, which is also known as a ductless mini-split, has no ductwork and can condition the air in one or more rooms.

Packages System

This integrated system, which is mounted outside, offers both cooling and heating in a single unit.

Split System

This system combines two distinct kinds of HVAC units—typically a heating and a cooling unit—into one. An air conditioner (A/C) or heat pump coupled with a gas furnace would be the most typical example of a split system.

British Thermal Units

BTU is typically used as a standard unit of measurement to describe the cooling capability of an air conditioner. Multiply the square footage you estimated previously by 20 to get the BTUs required to chill your home. As a general guideline, you need 20 BTUs to effectively chill one square foot. For instance, the square footage of a rectangle space that is 40 feet wide and 30 feet long will be 1,350 when multiplied by 30 feet. By multiplying the result by 20, which equals 27,000 BTUs in our example, you may establish the minimum cooling capacity needed. Tons, watts, or BTUs can be used to measure an air conditioner’s cooling capability. 3,500 watts of cooling, or 1,200 BTUs per hour, make up one AC ton of capacity.

Location And Temperature

Where do you reside? What kind of weather might we expect? The temperature where you live has a significant influence on how well your system works and how much heating or cooling is required in your house. Your demands for heating and cooling will change depending on whether you live in a hot, humid area or a cold one, so it’s important to consider these factors when choosing the best duct system. Costs associated with system installation are also impacted.


The dimensions, layout, amount of windows, and sun direction of your home should all be taken into account when installing ductwork. This makes a big difference in getting balanced airflow. The air handler for your system and the air supply registers in your home should be connected by the shortest path possible using ducts. Additionally, be sure to adequately insulate any ducts you need to install in unconditioned portions of your house. As a result, there is minimal energy loss during conduction.

Compare The Types And Brands Of Different Duct Systems

It’s important to weigh your options and choose the duct system that is appropriate for your house and tastes because there are many different duct system kinds and brands available. Central air conditioning, ductless mini-splits, heat pumps, and furnaces are just a few examples of duct systems. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each option to choose which is best for your house.

Well-known duct manufacturers provide a range of models with various efficiency ratings and features. To make an informed choice, read reviews and contrast warranties, costs, and features offered. Consult a qualified duct technician for advice that is tailored to the comfort requirements, financial limits, and energy-saving objectives of your house.

Additional Factors of Air Duct

Additional factors to take into account include the quantity of equipment that must be stored in your home, since this may affect the amount of room you have. Energy efficiency is also crucial since it might save you a lot of money over the length of your installation. Check the duct unit’s energy efficiency rating before purchasing one. This energy efficiency can help you lower your carbon footprint while keeping your system running smoothly and save money on energy costs.

How To Organize Your Custom Closet?

You’ll have a beautiful blank canvas to work with after your custom closet is completed when you start to arrange your belongings within. Naturally, you’ll want to arrange each item of clothing so that your new Custom Closet remains as organized as possible. Try the following professional advice to keep clutter at bay so you can make the most of your new closet and maintain a flawlessly arranged collection of stuff.

Use Dividers For Drawers And Shelves

You most likely take care to keep your clothing nice and divided whether you put them in a drawer or stack them on a shelf. The order begins to disintegrate, though, as soon as you start removing items off of shelves and shifting them about or opening, shutting, and searching through drawers. You quickly have a shelf or drawer full of wrinkly and unfolded clothing.

When you need anything from the back, bottom, or side of the shelf or drawer, it might be tough to avoid disrupting your orderly piles. However, the more distance there is between each stack and the one after it, the less noise you’ll make as you use the shelf and drawer space. Use dividers for both shelves and drawers so that each stack has a barrier on each side rather than many stacks that interfere with one another as items are moved around. This keeps the objects more orderly by preventing the various stacks from mixing and by limiting how far each section’s contents may move.

Handy Stepladder

If you’re making the most of the storage space in your custom closet, you’re probably keeping certain things up high and out of reach. To store sweaters, boxes, or blankets instead quickly and conveniently of leaving them in a pile on the floor, have a stepladder nearby. To reach the highest shelves without straining your arms or neck, place a tiny step ladder in a closet corner or on a wall hook.

When possible, Roll Your Clothes

What method of folding conserves the most space so you can make the most storage use of your drawers because they aren’t always as huge or deep as you may like them to be? Compared to hanging or folding, rolling your garments takes up less room. Don’t be concerned; anything that can be safely folded can typically also be safely rolled. There are only a few exceptions, like bras and delicate linen or silk goods.

Rolls may be stored either horizontally or vertically, and they can fit more clothing in a stack and into nooks and crannies where folded goods wouldn’t fit. Rolls kept vertically don’t collapse when one or two things are removed, unlike systems that are folded vertically, also known as “file folding,” which tends to do so. When you leave on vacation or relocate, your rolled-up garments will be ready to be packed up neatly.

Keep Shoes Behind The Door

Utilize the space on the back of your door to store shoes and organize them in your affordable custom closets. Most shoe racks hang comfortably over your rear door and can free up room on your shelves and closet floor. For space-saving purposes and to aid in organizing your closet, we advise utilizing a hanging shoe organizer.

You may store your other accessories, such as jewelry, makeup, and hair tools, in a shoe organizer. Utilize your creativity and many pockets to your advantage. However, we advise you to reduce the amount of your shoe collection before you begin organizing. Throw out outdated pairs, give away ones you don’t wear, and save the ones you wear all the time. They will take up less room since you will have less to store.

Have A Solution For Storage

You may save all the emotional objects you don’t wear but wish to keep because they are special in one box. You shouldn’t hang these items in your closet with the clothes you wear. It’s time to go with some of the less emotional items if there isn’t a place in that sentimental box for fresh additions.

Create An Accessories Plan

Accessories come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, necessitating a custom storage system to hold everything. If your dressing space is your closet, set up a tiny vanity with a mirror as a makeshift grooming station. Your morning dressing process will be made easier by a jewelry tree or jewelry box.

Another option for storing jewelry is in drawer organizers if you feel more comfortable keeping things hidden. Small clutches fit wonderfully in shoe cubbies, and purses may be hung up neatly on hooks and hangers. Put seasonal accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves in containers with lids. Walk-in closet organizing using adhesive storage labels speeds up searches.

Do Not Clutter Up Your Closet Doors

Although it might seem like a no-brainer closet storage solution, using the back of your closet doors for additional storage has disadvantages. Theoretically, those hanging shoe organizers that hang above doors appear to be a useful storage solution. However, they make opening your closet doors more difficult and heavier. They don’t seem attractive either. Since mesh seldom has a highly fashionable appearance.

Additionally, some of these organizers are ineffective in keeping your shoes firmly in place. When you constantly have to put your shoes back where they belong, it might harm them and become a hassle. Don’t overdo it with the hooks on the back of your closet doors, though.

Keep, Toss, And Donate

It’s time to play the “keep, toss, or donate” game, so get your bags ready. Put on the outfits and footwear that still make you happy. Put such items in your keep pile if they fit and you feel good wearing them. Uncertain about a few things? When making decisions, consider the following questions:

  • Do these things exhibit my fashion sense?
  • When should I wear them?
  • Would I purchase this in a shop today?
  • Do I adore these shoes or these clothes?

Put anything with rips, holes, or other irreparable damage in the trash. Put any gently used children’s clothing and shoes into a donation bag. Take the goods you have chosen to donate to a donation center as soon as you have searched through all of your closets and made your decision.

Make A Plan To Be Used While Hanging And Storing Goods

It’s crucial to know what kind of clothing you have and where it makes the most sense to hang it before putting any of it on a hanger or a rod. For appropriate hanging, longer skirts and pants require extra height. However, you may utilize the space behind shorter items like shirts and blouses by adding a level of hanging clothing or by creating bespoke shelves. For a sense of consistency, use hangers in the same design throughout. Additionally, the closet now appears much tidier and more organized. Put your jeans on hangers designed for this purpose to prevent creases and wrinkles. Organize the same type of clothes in one place.

Pants, shirts, blouses, belts, and even scarves should all have a specific place in the closet. All fragile items should be hung. Folded and piled on shelves or in cubbies is the ideal way to store heavier goods like sweaters or jeans. Folding sweaters prevent shoulder bulges from a hangar, helping them keep their form. To prevent crushing and wrinkling of the folded goods, be careful not to pile too many folded items onto a shelf. This also applies to your hanging garments. When hanging clothing, give it enough room so that it may breathe after use. Avoid hanging or stacking things like corduroy or velvet close to ones that shed.

Bring The Light In

Dim light tends to make a closet appear disorganized or unattractive. If you’re remodeling your closet, think about switching out the lighting. Your closet will seem bright, tidy, and organized if you add light with floor lamps, table lamps, or pendant lights.

Spend Money On High-Quality Hangers

It’s worthwhile to invest in good designs since at least part of your clothing will stay on the hangar for longer than they do on you, protecting them from damage and mishaps. Your garments will remain in place on sleek, non-slip velvet hangers, which also have the advantage of taking up less room than bulky wood or plastic hangers. A multi-layer hanger allows you to elegantly double up on items so you can hang more in a smaller space without it seeming cluttered if you’re running out of hanging space.

Choose Storage Boxes That Meet Your Needs For Organizing

Consider your container choices when you arrange your high end custom closets. In certain closets, stacking objects one atop the other and on a shelf may be sufficient to properly arrange your belongings. For instance, blankets and towels are typically placed right on the shelf.

On the other hand, if you use containers for other objects, organizing may prove to be a lot simpler. You may organize comparable goods into baskets and boxes to make it simpler to find what you’re looking for. You may need boxes for scarves, hats, belts, gloves, and other accessories while organizing your clothing closet, for instance. You might want baskets to contain your rags or your bottles of cleaning materials if your linen closet also houses your cleaning supplies. Additionally, you might want to include boxes for things like art supplies or sentimental objects. Photos and picture albums that are generally stored in the closet may be included.

Choose containers that are reliable and useful. In addition, “pretty” is a plus, especially if you have an open closet design. But before selecting the container for your closet, you should verify the durability of each one. In a well-organized closet, a highly practical, long-lasting container will be more likely to endure the test of time.

Use the Area Below Hanging Clothes

If you do want to maintain the single rod, you might want to think about putting a small cabinet or shelf unit between the clothing hanger and your shirts to make room for extra baskets and shoes. Small accessories that could otherwise be overlooked among your closet organizing ideas can also be stored in this area. Even if the area underneath your hanging rods is limited, you may add a small shelf or shoe rack near the floor to provide additional room.

Kitchen Remodeling: Transform Your Home With These Simple Ideas

One thing should be made clear straight away: whether you live alone or with a family, the kitchen is the space that is used the most frequently. The kitchen continues to be the central point of your house, from the espresso you make each morning to the glass of water you drink at night. It makes perfect sense that, just like in real life, kitchen design also needs a much-needed update or even just a fresh coat of paint.

Of course, a kitchen renovation involves much more. It will go a long way toward ensuring that a new, updated kitchen remains at the center of a healthy family, in addition to revitalizing the area that is often important to the home. We have created a list of kitchen remodeling ideas for you if you have decided to revamp your kitchen or perhaps make a few minor changes. This guide will help you understand what you want to modify and how you plan to handle a complete kitchen remodel.

Refreshing Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are something that can be updated easily. There are various incredible methods for giving your kitchen a new look. You can decide to resurface or repaint your cabinets and existing hardware with new ones. Pick a style and variety according to your kitchen’s taste or your style. Think about the material and durability of the materials, like wood or overlay. Hire an expert installer to guarantee a consistent and level establishment. Add practical highlights, for example, delicate close drawers and pull-out racks for added comfort.

Kitchen Remodeling Island

On the off chance that you have a kitchen island, what does its back or plain side seem to be? It’s likely a similar material as the remainder of the island base. Indeed, why make it exhaust? You can remodel the existing island by spicing up the plain side. This might mean adding a beautifying tile to it or painting it with a unique color. Some people go considerably bolder, by adding gold metal tiling or gold leaf highlights. This is a pleasant method for adding variety to your kitchen without burning through a lot of cash. To hold back nothing, you’ll get another shelf for that island also.

Integrate Technology

Let’s speak about the really practical charging station that you can include inside a cabinet or drawer. Cookbooks are fantastic, but it appears that more of us are finding recipes online, making our tablet the preferred culinary ally. As a result, there are several tablet holders available for kitchen use that will allow you to comfortably read your recipe as you prepare meals. For those of you who enjoy streaming music, you can now get a high-end audio system that incorporates speakers right into the cabinet door.

On the other hand, if you think this is a bit excessive, there are stylish under-cabinet Bluetooth clock radios that let you dance while preparing meals. For your new kitchen makeover, integrating technology will be both charming and appealing. In reality, this is the ideal opportunity to take on technology gadgets, which can function admirably for yourself as well as your kitchen redesigning plan.

Take a Look at Your Kitchen Workflow

Optimizing a kitchen’s layout is one of the most important things to consider while remodeling it. After all, you want your room to be both lovely and useful, so while designing its design, consider how well you use each space.

Analyzing how you presently use your kitchen will help you optimize. Take into account the locations of the cookware, utensils, and other kitchen items. Next, make provisions for more storage space by putting in drawers, cabinets, or shelves to house extra kitchenware. Additionally, make sure there is enough space around your kitchen so you can switch between jobs without feeling confined or crowded. Kitchen layout optimization is the top priority for 70% of homeowners who redesign their kitchens. So, keep your preferred workflow in mind as you construct your space, emphasizing storage and functionality while creating the ideal cooking environment.

Add Some Glass Extension

By choosing a contemporary glass kitchen extension, you can expand your living area and add additional natural light all at once. Whether it’s a straightforward glass side return to create additional kitchen space, a solo glass box structure, or a sophisticated all-glass conservatory at the back of a home, a striking glass structure will give space and a sense of openness to a property. Don’t exclude the possibility of constructing a glass structure to offer more room. A stunning method to distinguish clearly between old and new while keeping the integrity of the building fabric is to add a contemporary glass addition to a historic house.

Increase Lighting

Include a variety of lighting solutions in your kitchen to create a well-lit area that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Large windows should be left open to allow natural light to enter, and recessed ceiling lamps should be used to provide general lighting. Task lights may be implemented in a variety of locations, while focal point light fixtures over the breakfast nook and pendant lights over the island offer a sophisticated aspect. Make sure the counters are well-lit by placing them beneath the cabinets so you can readily cut and prepare food.

Use A Backsplash To Make It Pop

Add a striking backsplash to go with your newly renovated worktops and cabinets. This is one way to decorate your kitchen with color and design features while also guarding against food stains on the walls. Additionally, it’s one of the simplest and least expensive procedures if you’re DIYing the process or using hired labor.

You may choose between more costly and less expensive kitchen design, just as with everything else. Additionally, there are several materials to take into account, including porcelain, ceramics, glass, stone, and more. If you prefer a quick-to-apply non-permanent solution, there are also peel-and-stick choices. It’s vital to conduct a study to choose the material that will best suit your vision and preferences as most tiles take some demolition to remove.


To make the kitchen island a fantastic location to work, enjoy fast meals, and keep your visitors entertained while you cook, add seats to the area. Make sure there is 24 inches of space between each seat to prevent elbow collisions. When you have fewer friends around, creating an informal dining environment with seating options and adding décor will make the kitchen appear even more beautiful. Always keep the chair’s height in direct proportion to the countertop’s height.

Open Kitchen Concept

Pot racks and enormous range hoods in the center of the kitchen were among the popular designs a few years ago. The concept of an open kitchen is now popular. Additionally, an open kitchen has a timeless and traditional appeal. Your kitchen is less cluttered since there aren’t any collections of unsightly pots and pans hanging from the walls. You may put these in the roll-out drawers. If you are creating these drawers, think about choosing full-extension drawers if your cabinets are deep-set because they make accessibility simple. It keeps you from digging and enables you to access goods that are stored towards the rear. Consider the possibility of customizing the drawers to include high backs and sides for stacking bakeware and dishes. To correctly store your cookware, use a drawer organizer.

Add Unique Touch With Custom Details

Traditional kitchens include unique elements and lots of ornamentation, whereas contemporary kitchens are distinguished by clean lines and smooth surfaces. The best opportunity to display the numerous elements is in the kitchen. Countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes offer fantastic possibilities to include unique, personalized accents.

One of the ideal examples of kitchen renovation is a mahogany-colored island with walnut veneers and carved brackets. The kitchen’s historic flare is further enhanced with the addition of carved details on the hood, a beautiful marble backsplash that is inlaid with ornate tiles, and leaded-glass cabinet doors. A gorgeous classic kitchen is distinguished by its large windows, varied fabric combinations, coffered ceilings, and unique molding elements.


Lack of storage in kitchens is among the most common grievances individuals have. You may make your kitchen more useful and valuable by putting in extra cabinets, pantry space, and other storage options. Your kitchen may become more organized and clutter-free with additional cabinets and cupboard space. Buyers with families that want additional space to keep all of their kitchen necessities may find this to be particularly enticing.


Your kitchen’s entire appearance and atmosphere may be greatly improved by replacing old, worn-out flooring with new, high-quality alternatives. Popular alternatives that can raise the value of your property include hardwood, tile, and luxury vinyl.

How To Update Routed Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets lose their appeal over time. The installation may no longer feel motivating or relevant, even though it looked spectacular and innovative at the time. The kitchen is the space in your home that is most likely to show wear; cabinets and kitchen units, in particular, are susceptible to damage and fading.

This necessitates the requirement for new kitchen cabinets! Why not upgrade your current kitchen cabinets instead of spending money and effort replacing kitchen doors? Instead of paying for a costly full refit, you’ll discover how to modernize kitchen cabinets without replacing them in this article. Continue reading to learn how to embrace your new cabinets.

Clean Out The Dirt And Grease

Your wooden cabinets can just be covered with years’ worth of scum and cooking residue. The worst spot for filth is in the kitchen because of the humid environment, which causes dust to stick rather than merely settle. Wooden surfaces may absorb this dirt, giving them a dirty appearance and hiding the natural beauty of the wood.

You may quickly clean your wooden cabinets with some elbow grease, degreasing soap, and a soft cloth. Avoid overwetting the area to prevent water from leaving damp stains on the hardwood surface. However, removing deposits by repeatedly washing your cabinets with a moist cloth can make them seem new.

Use Wallpaper To Decorate

Wallpaper isn’t only for walls; stylish homeowners have utilized textured wallpaper to cover less-than-perfect walls. Wallpaper is a terrific way to update kitchen cabinets, as Better Home & Gardens notes.

Poorly finished drywall, most wood or laminate surfaces, and minor dents, dings, and scratches can all be concealed by the paper’s ability to dry tightly. Try a sample run – which you can peel off if necessary – on one door before going to work on the entire set if your cabinets have a narrow, shallow-routed design.

You may not need to fill the grooves before hanging the wallpaper on the door faces. Before applying wallpaper, if required, fill grooves with wood filler. Although textured wallpaper is available in a variety of hues and designs, a paintable version enables you to tailor the cabinets to your room.

Apply Some Fresh Paint

Sometimes cleaning alone is insufficient. By painting the surface of wood cabinets that are beyond their prime with suitable kitchen-friendly waterproof paint, they may be quickly and simply refreshed. The best paint to use on the doors is one that wipes off easily.

It is crucial to paint a surface that has been well-cleaned and sanded to remove any previous loose paint or varnish. Be cautious while using a smaller brush on any door details or grooves.

Add New Handles

You could notice that the handles are deteriorating if your kitchen cabinets date back to the 1970s or 1980s. In reality, the handles are the element of the kitchen cabinet door that is used the most, thus they begin to look worn out far earlier than any other component of the kitchen. They are easy to swap out and may easily modernize the kitchen doors without requiring a lot of money or work.

Place Fresh Hinges For Custom Cabinet

You should consider the mechanics when you make your kitchen doors and cabinets seem better. Easily loosening old hinges might result in drooping doors and an uneven finish. New hinges can provide anti-slam and gentle closing features that can prolong the life of your improved doors. Additionally, your kitchen will appear more contemporary overall.

How To Make Old Cabinets Look Modern

Do you want to give your kitchen a new design without doing a total renovation? Renovating outdated kitchen cabinets in a rental is the simplest method. A sizable portion of the kitchen is stored in the cabinets. The entire kitchen will be outdated if the cabinets do.

You should thus be able to update your cabinets in the most economical way possible if you want to have a kitchen that is sleek and contemporary. This blog is for you if you’re seeking for ideas to help you update your kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing

a worker hangs a kitchen cabinet on the wall

Without having to rip them out and replace them, refacing your cabinets effectively gives them a brand-new look and feel. This method involves taking out the current drawers and cabinet doors, painting, staining, veneering, or laminating the cabinet boxes—there are even peel-and-stick options—and then replacing them with new, coordinated drawers and doors.

It is sometimes a waste to replace cabinet boxes together with doors because they endure far less use and abuse than the doors. Refacing the cabinet boxes and drawers with new doors and repainting the current boxes to match is a more environmentally friendly and economically practical approach.

Any style and colour that best fits your design concept may be custom-ordered for new doors, and the project can be finished in a single weekend. Without the expense and trouble of a comprehensive makeover, refacing may give your kitchen the appearance of being entirely renovated.

Add Open Shelves

If you have a huge blank wall to decorate, you might want to think about including some shelving. They’re an excellent method to display your exquisite glassware, an assortment of serve ware, or exquisite cookbooks, plus they’ll provide even extra storage to the area. For an added sense of refinement, choose sculptural or simple brackets.

Select Beautiful Greys For Paint

The colour scheme of grey and white is the epitome of a monochrome masterpiece. Consider utilising grey as an alternative to darker colours like black if you’re scared to do so. To give your kitchen cupboards and doors some basic dimension, go to the paint store and paint your base cabinets a shade of grey.

The grey-painted cabinets on your kitchen island contrast the white cabinetry, provide a seductive gradient, and give the design of your kitchen cabinets a more curated appearance.

Add New Hardware

Replace the hardware on your kitchen cabinets for a facelift. Your kitchen cabinets appearance may be significantly changed by replacing the knobs and handles with new ones. Additionally, new hardware can enhance the performance of your cabinet doors and drawers. Whether you go for conventional, modern, or classic hardware designs, updating your kitchen hardware is a quick way to update your cabinet doors and increase the value of your house.

Spray Paint The Old Hardware

You can quickly update the look of your kitchen by updating the hardware on the cabinets. The kitchen’s accessories are handles, but depending on the hardware style you pick, a new set of hardware might still cost more than a brand-new kitchen. Consider changing your handles with spray paint if you don’t mind their current shape as part of your budget kitchen ideas.

Re-use Appliances

Give your appliances a thorough cleaning inside and out with a mild abrasive cleanser before throwing them out. Then, look at them through the new eyes of a kitchen renovation. Use your appliances again, including the kitchen sink, if they’re still functional. Then buy a gorgeous new mixer tap with the money you save.

Play Around With The Lighting

Lighting fixtures are utilised for more than just illuminating a space. You can also utilise lighting fixtures to change the mood of your kitchen because they are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and colours nowadays. Play around with different lighting fixtures to discover which ones suit your kitchen best because you’ll have a variety of alternatives to select from.

Consider adding chandeliers with gold accents if your kitchen is white. These accessories will give your kitchen a contemporary, clean design while also adding a touch of glitz. You may give your kitchen island a sleeker, more defined appearance by hanging black pendant lights over it.

To find the finest kitchen lighting material and installation choices for you, speak with a professional electrician. They can help you choose the appropriate lighting for the style of kitchen you wish to create. You may then make sure that your food preparation is safe and has appropriate lighting.

Compare Door Designs

Before visiting your neighbourhood cabinet store, you probably already have a certain door design in mind, but if you’re trying to save money, it’s advisable to choose two or three possibilities and compare the prices. The cost of your cabinets might vary significantly depending on the door design you choose.

Inset and raised panel door designs nearly generally cost more. Shaker-style doors are frequently less expensive, although this isn’t always the case. Depending on the cabinet maker, it could change. Slab door fronts often cost less than other types of door fronts, which is ideal for frugal homeowners constructing a modern or contemporary kitchen.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Like the appearance of open shelves but your room isn’t set up for it? Or maybe you adore your cabinets but would also like to display some of your favourite dishes? Can you perform both tasks? Yes, you can conceal your belongings safely behind a door and still display them if the door is made of glass. You may even choose plexiglass if DIYing this and having trouble cutting glass.

On Top Of The Current Cabinets, Add More Cabinets

You may fill the gap and give your kitchen a more unique design by placing smaller cabinets above each of the already-existing cabinets. This is a simpler project to take on if you are painting because the finish does not need to match. Check your near construction supply store.

This remedy, which may or may not be a bit pricey depending on how many cabinets you have, might be a great deal less than purchasing brand-new cabinets for a bespoke kitchen. Install (or create) boxes for open storage, if you can’t find (or don’t like) the door design.

Pull-Out Cabinet Drawer Installation

A fantastic method to upgrade your current cabinets is to add new pull-out drawers and lazy susans to maximise storage capacity in addition to adding new hinges, hardware, and drawer glides. Deep drawers work perfectly with the pull-out drawers that we added below during a recent refurbishment.

Pull-out drawers are available in a range of sizes and may be purchased from the market and installed in your current cabinets. You can easily modernise your kitchen with this and give your current cabinets a new look.

Paint Cabinet’s Interior

Painting the interior of your cabinets is one of the most well-liked kitchen cabinet remodelling concepts. This is a terrific method to quickly update your cabinets without the need to replace them. Use a glossy, easily maintained paint for optimal effects. To make the interior of the cabinets stand out, you may even select strong hues like navy or black. You may choose a less reflective, more subdued finish if you are unwilling to go for a glossy one.

Sand down any rough edges and take off any old paint to ensure that your paintwork turns out beautifully. There are several cabinet door makeover ideas that you may try when it comes to the exterior of your cabinets. Your cabinets may quickly seem brand-new by changing the hardware or installing new door panels. But if you want a whole makeover, painting the inside of your cabinets is a quick and inexpensive method to do it.

Declutter The Cabinets

Kitchen decluttering is the largest change you can make and is good for your head and your bank account. Before you begin, resolve to be ruthless and discard, recycle, or donate everything you no longer use or require. Break the task up into manageable pieces, and work on one cupboard at a time.

Clutter-free surfaces will maximise limited workspace while making the entire area appear more streamlined and spacious. To truly aid in keeping you structured, keep an eye out for a pan lid organiser that you can place inside cabinet doors and over-the-door spice racks.

Consider how you use the area and arrange it accordingly. For example, create a breakfast station with a kettle, toaster, and coffee nearby. Maintain a rack of tea towels near the sink.

Make Flexible Corner

Utilise mobile cabinets to convert difficult-to-reach locations into more reachable storage areas. Both fashionable and practical, this kitchen cabinet makeover. A retractable door can easily conceal pullout towel racks and a full-extension lazy Susan, which assist make the most of a corner and offer more storage than typical locations.

Kitchen Furniture You Can Mix And Match

It’s crucial to make the appropriate furniture investments since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen preparing meals, eating, and even entertaining guests. If you have comfy chairs and tables, eating breakfast as a family at the buffet or hosting guests will be more pleasurable.

Take it up a level by mixing and matching various pieces of furniture as opposed to using items of furniture that are the same style or from the same manufacturer. Your kitchen may seem more interesting and exciting with mismatched furnishings by keeping the room from being too simple or boring.

Limit your choice of colours and materials when mixing and matching kitchen furnishings to prevent the room from looking crowded. When choosing which furniture to add to your kitchen, you should ideally keep things to no more than two colours and materials. 

Hidden Pattern

This really simple approach will give the appearance of a full-fledged kitchen remodel: To raise the contents of glass-front cabinets into art, hang wallpaper at the back of the cabinets. Here, green and white geometric wallpaper lends a subtle contrast to the kitchen’s virtually all-white decor.

Add Doors And Drawers Inserts

Including door and drawer inserts in your kitchen remodel is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to update it. Without having to replace them, this will give your kitchen cabinets a whole new appearance. You can simply locate an insert that suits your demands for updating your kitchen cabinets given the wide variety of colours, materials, and styles available.

It is not necessary to hire a professional to install door and drawer inserts because the process is quite simple. Measure the inside space of the cabinets to begin started, then purchase an insert that fits the dimensions. Once you have the insert, installing it yourself is simple and just requires a few common tools.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important place in any home and uses very expensive appliances and often a lot of accessories. When considering how important a kitchen remodel is to your property, it’s important that you have all the information, to make the right decision. Before renovating your kitchen, there are some important things you should know.

Add function, style, and elegance to the heart of your home with one or all our top kitchen remodeling tips. Here are tips to help you complete your kitchen remodeling project.

Create A Plan For Kitchen Design

Kitchen repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars. So, you just need to plan everything perfectly in advance. A comprehensive plan gives you the flexibility to match your vision with your budget, allowing you to decide whether you can complete the project on your own or need to consult with renovation professionals.  You should clearly define the look you want to achieve, including the color scheme, design elements, and the type of fixture you want to install.

Design Wide Walkways

Create walkways at least 36 inches wide throughout the kitchen. While you are in the design/planning process, adjust the kitchen island accordingly. Think about your technology. The open door of the refrigerator or dishwasher can become an obstacle in the way to the kitchen. You can solve this problem by creating a passage that is wide enough to walk in even when the appliance door is open or by designing the kitchen with two wide walkways.

Add Bold Cabinet Design

Cabinets can take up a statement in your kitchen. Whether it’s a base or tall cabinet, it can add aesthetic appeal to any space. You can make a small kitchen appear larger by using raw solid wood or white cabinets. Choose from a variety of bold cabinet designs for modern kitchens. Alternatively, you can come up with stylish design ideas with laminate glass doors for modern kitchens. If you have an artistic taste, you can also use textured or decorated glass panels with delicate patterns that can make you feel more relaxed and serene.

luxury kitchen design

Add a Kitchen Island

If you need seats or more, then adding a kitchen island is the best option. Power sockets can also be hidden as pop-ups on an island, under counters, or even indoors for added versatility. Adding storage space and stools for extra seating with power outlets is often a must-have. Every square inch adds value. With increasing surface area, the possibilities for cooking, serving, and gathering increase. Tearing down the walls and replacing them with islands is also a great solution to a spacious kitchen. Reducing narrow boundaries creates the illusion of a larger space and expands the actual cooking experience.

Try Open Shelving

If you’re looking to evaluate your new kitchen against your old one and give your kitchen a larger feel, you should try open shelving. You should move to the white open shelves with a focus on the paint or you can even match the cabinets.

Customize it with hooks to grasp stuff or choose fancy bins and baskets to feature a hint of sophistication. We recommend choosing the best glassware to show on those open shelves for the exceptional effect. There is a lot of kitchen open shelves ideas thoughts that can overhaul the appearance of your kitchen in addition it adds dazzling functionality.

Light It Up

Kitchen is light up

These days, homeowners are bringing more light to their kitchens. You can add some light to your kitchen by hanging well-designed lighting fixtures or lamps. Updating old lighting fixtures with new trendy lighting designs can improve your kitchen. You can also enhance the functionality of your kitchen cabinets by adding cabinet lighting.

Install Quartz Countertops

According to the National Association of Kitchens and Bathrooms, quartz (a stone-looking artificial countertop material) tops are the most popular choice for countertops. Quartz is practically resistant to stains, scratches, and chips. It never needs to be sealed. Quartz comes in a variety of forms, many of which convincingly mimic the natural discolouration of marble and limestone, and the current version is a very convenient choice for kitchen countertops. Quartz countertops are expensive, so make sure your home’s estimated sale price can support this upgrade.

Add A Tile Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is an essential part of preparing delicious meals for the whole family. You can’t control the splatters, but you can stop them from ruining your beautiful white kitchen, subway tile, or wood paneling on the back wall. The tile backsplash is ideally placed in a strategic location to control the inevitable moisture and dust that can ruin your new kitchen. These structures can also be pre-installed or used as a temporary measure when preparing food. Use a backsplash as an extra measure to keep your kitchen clean and shiny.


When choosing a contractor for your kitchen remodel, it is important to do your research and check references. It’s also important to make sure the contractor is licensed, insured, and has experience with kitchen remodels.

Common kitchen remodeling projects include updating cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and flooring, as well as reconfiguring the layout of the space.

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6 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

6 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Are you fond of cooking? Or in general love home-cooked food? Then you would hate to own a claustrophobic and overly cramped kitchen in your home. Who loves cooking in a kitchen where there is hardly any space to walk let alone work. 

However, a renovation or full kitchen remodel is not in everyone’s budget. But, still, there are in-budget and smart ways that you can apply to your small kitchen to make the space appear bigger and more spacious than it already is. 

To help you maximize space in your small kitchen, we have gathered some ideas for your below. Let’s call them mini or pseudo remodeling. We won’t go overboard with your budget. Promise. 

Invest in open-style shelves on the walls

There is no match to kitchen cabinets. They provide avid storage space. However, if you are tight on space, then you can maximize the small space by using open shelves rather than cabinets. Open shelving adds depth to the room while going doorless gives the illusion of a bigger space. 

Pro-Tip: Do not have the budget for new cabinets? Simply remove the cabinet doors and smooth out the edges and voila! You have new open DIY shelves in your kitchen. 

Create the illusion of a big space using backsplash mirrors

To make any small space appear big, go for smart ways to maximize the reflection using mirrors. Use maximum mirrors, preferably full length or a backsplash mirror to increase the space in your kitchen. Good reflecting surfaces expand the space inside and smartly reflects the ceiling light making the space appear big and bright. 

Pro-Tip: Let’s say you cannot afford the mirrored tiles, no worries. Go to the market and look for peel-off backsplash papers. They literally give the same effect without costing an arm and a leg..

Paint the ceiling in white paint: Do not play around with colors on the ceiling

Go for a simple, smooth, ad bright white ceiling. It will remove the effect of a cramped space. If your ceiling in the kitchen is already white, leave it at that. However, if it is not white, then invest in a fresh paint job. 

Also, you can do wonders by removing the popcorn ceilings, it will get rid of any unwanted shadows and ugly contrasts that make the space cramped.

Pro-Tip: Even though a DIY paint job may seem tempting, but scraping the popcorn ceiling and applying a smooth paint coat is not an amateur job. You are better off hiring a professional remodeling expert or even a professional painter for this. It will turn out to be cost-effective in the long run.

kitchen design

Install skylights in the kitchen 

If you are able to pull it off, then go for a skylight in your kitchen ceiling. This is a great way to bring natural lighting to your kitchen space without compromising the cabinet area or storage space. 

Pro-Tip: Yes, we understand that fixed lights are a huge investment, but if you go for tubular lights then it is a less expensive option especially for small-sized kitchens. Tubular lights are easy to install and easily fit in small spaces. 

Hang small-sized kitchen items

In case you are in search of ideas to declutter your kitchen space to make the place appear spacious, then try out the following tips: 

Try hanging the cooking pots and frying pans so that the cabinet space is free

Invest in magazine racks on the sides of the pantry to keep things like aluminum foil or cling wraps or scissors

Go for a door shoe organizer to store spices, sauces, condiments jars, packets, flavors, etc.

Miscellaneous Tip: Go for shiny kitchen flooring 

Select the tiles that have a gloss finish. They work ideally in small kitchen spaces and evenly spread the light around. It also makes crisp lines and defines the features of the kitchen overall. 

Pro-Tip: When it comes to kitchen decor and furnishings, go for tiles with crisp and clean lines in the kitchen. This gives the impression of a neat and organized space. 


 Keeping a small kitchen organized and clutter-free helps to create the illusion of more space by reducing visual distractions and allowing the eye to focus on the available space.


A. Task lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and ambient lighting can be used to create a brighter, more spacious-feeling kitchen.

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Choosing A Design

Kitchen Renovation Ideas Choosing A Design

Now you have determined to renovate your kitchen or make some small modifications, we have a great list of kitchen remodelling suggestions. Even small makeovers may improve the look of your kitchen significantly.

Let’s clear out one thing right at the start: whether you reside with a family or by yourself, the kitchen is the liveliest area in a house. From the coffee you whip up to get out of that incredible sleep every morning to the last glass of water you drink every night, the kitchen stays at the centre of your residence. It is perfectly acceptable as to why just like life, kitchen structure also requires a breath of fresh air or merely a coat of fresh paint.


Cabinets end up embracing one-third of renovation reserves on average. They are a high influence aspect of design and have the ability to fix the space. Though renovating all of your cabinetry can provide a considerable return on investment, doing so can be exceptionally costly. There are other means to update cabinets, whether by enhancing lighting, new hardware, or a new coat of colour.

Focus on Flooring

If a whole kitchen modification is what you’re after, it’s time to update your flooring. Various choices are handy nowadays. If you’re searching for a reliable, easy-to-clean pick and adore the conventional appeal of hardwoods, suppose a wood-look option, such as vinyl or glazed ceramic tile, which you can also employ on the wall as a rustic backsplash.


Like flooring, selecting a kitchen countertop is based on multiple elements, from looking and feeling to expense and care. A span of materials can be employed for countertops, such as granite, marble, glass, stainless steel and engineered quartz. Tiles can also be used in various places–from the backsplash to the floor or counter.

Pendant Lights

Most people are not interested in the kitchen lights, and the lights are always overlooked. For kitchen lights, it is suggested you select bold and big ones. The only aspect you should be careful of in your kitchen makeover is the size of the vast, fierce pendant light you want to avoid it being devastating in your kitchen area.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks will never go out of fashion as the best charms, and more popular ones are either stainless steel or porcelain. They are timeless elements and put in a unique look and are immense. The best versions come with one or two basins and an unguarded front apron structure. They can be a little on the expensive side, are a great accessory to your kitchen and are designed to function with an existing sink cabinet.


The kitchen should be an area where you like your time, and if you are low on kitchen design suggestions, this is the read for you. Massive kitchens are more manageable to design than small kitchens as they have an area to encompass all the kitchen design inklings in your wish list. It does not say you cannot make an incredible kitchen remodel with a small kitchen, as you should work with what you possess.


To make the most of a small kitchen space, choose light colors for the walls, cabinetry, and countertops, opt for compact and multi-functional appliances, and incorporate open shelving and floating shelves.

The best type of flooring for a kitchen renovation depends on your personal style, budget, and needs. Popular options include tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring.

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How to Design a Modern Kitchen?

How to Design a Modern Kitchen?

The kitchen is known as the focal point of your home and homeowners try hard to make it contemporary and modern by following the latest trends. A kitchen design is certainly significant in terms of aesthetic, you can never forget how influential it will be when it comes to the design of your new kitchen. 

The kitchen is among the most frequently used rooms of your home so, why not get it designed following the modern trends? You need to make sure that the simple advancements making your kitchen broader enhancing its functionality is the key.  If you want to transform your kitchen into a modern one or want to build it from the scratch then this article can help you out. Now, we can help you spruce up the uniqueness of the kitchen by following these modern trends and designs.

Advanced Elements:

Irrespective of the styles the first thing that is required when making your kitchen modern is updating its elements. You need to incorporate the latest technology into your kitchen space. The sleek style appliances consume less space and are equipped with smart functions. Custom storage solutions can add more and more space.

Streamlining Designs:

When using the best materials and textures for your kitchen making it a stress-free environment. While removing the upper wall cabinets you get more space. Making your kitchen look more spacious and brighter. In this way, you can utilize the kitchen countertop space with more productivity. Open shelves are the best options if you need more space. Preferring materials with texture will give a nice outlook.

Ceramic or Hardwood Flooring: 

Both of the materials have their distinctive demand, over the years hardwood flooring is popular till now but when it comes to multifarious benefits then ceramic tiles are the best option to consider. In the kitchen, ceramic can give the same appealing look as the hardwood flooring, and also it is easy to be maintained.

Kitchen Islands:

Kitchen Islan

When it comes to kitchen island multipurpose designs it is still in trend. It has become the point of attention for the whole room. The design must make a statement of style. single level larger serving multiple purposes. The kitchen spaces are extended to living spaces with open-plan designs. In 2021, the trend is followed by the genre that kitchen space becomes multifunctional.

Improving Countertops:

When it comes to kitchen remodeling you need to utilize materials like granite and laminate for the countertops. As in the realm of modern kitchens, simple designs are given preference. Quartz is something that is more dependable and portrays a look that resembles granite. 

A Pop Of Color:

When it is about adding color then it can be multifaceted things such as from the islands to a full wall or a festive carpet it could be anything. It is no more a matchy-matchy combination that will work but it is an array of colors. It also doesn’t particularly cover the whole kitchen.

Bottom Line:

These trends are to be used for designing a modern kitchen that complements the beauty of other spaces of the home. You can design an expedient and aesthetically appealing kitchen when you adopt these trends.


A: Changes to the design can be made during the remodeling process, but it is important to keep in mind that this can add to the cost and delay the completion of the project. It is best to communicate any changes or revisions as early as possible with your contractor.


A: When choosing a remodeling contractor for your modern kitchen design, it is important to consider their experience and expertise in the field, as well as their reputation and customer reviews. It is also important to ensure that they are licensed, insured, and bonded.

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