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How To Update Routed Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets lose their appeal over time. The installation may no longer feel motivating or relevant, even though it looked spectacular and innovative at the time. The kitchen is the space in your home that is most likely to show wear; cabinets and kitchen units, in particular, are susceptible to damage and fading.

This necessitates the requirement for new kitchen cabinets! Why not upgrade your current kitchen cabinets instead of spending money and effort replacing kitchen doors? Instead of paying for a costly full refit, you’ll discover how to modernize kitchen cabinets without replacing them in this article. Continue reading to learn how to embrace your new cabinets.

Clean Out The Dirt And Grease

Your wooden cabinets can just be covered with years’ worth of scum and cooking residue. The worst spot for filth is in the kitchen because of the humid environment, which causes dust to stick rather than merely settle. Wooden surfaces may absorb this dirt, giving them a dirty appearance and hiding the natural beauty of the wood.

You may quickly clean your wooden cabinets with some elbow grease, degreasing soap, and a soft cloth. Avoid overwetting the area to prevent water from leaving damp stains on the hardwood surface. However, removing deposits by repeatedly washing your cabinets with a moist cloth can make them seem new.

Use Wallpaper To Decorate

Wallpaper isn’t only for walls; stylish homeowners have utilized textured wallpaper to cover less-than-perfect walls. Wallpaper is a terrific way to update kitchen cabinets, as Better Home & Gardens notes.

Poorly finished drywall, most wood or laminate surfaces, and minor dents, dings, and scratches can all be concealed by the paper’s ability to dry tightly. Try a sample run – which you can peel off if necessary – on one door before going to work on the entire set if your cabinets have a narrow, shallow-routed design.

You may not need to fill the grooves before hanging the wallpaper on the door faces. Before applying wallpaper, if required, fill grooves with wood filler. Although textured wallpaper is available in a variety of hues and designs, a paintable version enables you to tailor the cabinets to your room.

Apply Some Fresh Paint

Sometimes cleaning alone is insufficient. By painting the surface of wood cabinets that are beyond their prime with suitable kitchen-friendly waterproof paint, they may be quickly and simply refreshed. The best paint to use on the doors is one that wipes off easily.

It is crucial to paint a surface that has been well-cleaned and sanded to remove any previous loose paint or varnish. Be cautious while using a smaller brush on any door details or grooves.

Add New Handles

You could notice that the handles are deteriorating if your kitchen cabinets date back to the 1970s or 1980s. In reality, the handles are the element of the kitchen cabinet door that is used the most, thus they begin to look worn out far earlier than any other component of the kitchen. They are easy to swap out and may easily modernize the kitchen doors without requiring a lot of money or work.

Place Fresh Hinges

You should consider the mechanics when you make your kitchen doors and cabinets seem better. Easily loosening old hinges might result in drooping doors and an uneven finish. New hinges can provide anti-slam and gentle closing features that can prolong the life of your improved doors. Additionally, your kitchen will appear more contemporary overall.