6 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Are you fond of cooking? Or in general love home-cooked food? Then you would hate to own a claustrophobic and overly cramped kitchen in your home. Who loves cooking in a kitchen where there is hardly any space to walk let alone work. 

However, a renovation or full kitchen remodel is not in everyone’s budget. But, still, there are in-budget and smart ways that you can apply to your small kitchen to make the space appear bigger and more spacious than it already is. 

To help you maximize space in your small kitchen, we have gathered some ideas for your below. Let’s call us mini or pseudo remodeling. We won’t go overboard with your budget, Promise. 

Invest in open-style shelves on the walls

There is no match to kitchen cabinets. They provide avid storage space. However, if you are tight on space, then you can maximize the small space by using open shelves rather than cabinets. Open shelving adds depth to the room while going doorless gives the illusion of a bigger space. 

Pro-Tip: Do not have the budget for new cabinets? Simply remove the cabinet doors and smooth out the edges and voila! You have new open DIY shelves in your kitchen. 

Create the illusion of a big space using backsplash mirrors

To make any small space appear big, go for smart ways to maximize the reflection using mirrors. Use maximum mirrors, preferably full length or a backsplash mirror to increase the space in your kitchen. Good reflecting surfaces expand the space inside and smartly reflects the ceiling light making the space appear big and bright. 

Pro-Tip: Let’s say you cannot afford the mirrored tiles, no worries. Go to the market and look for peel-off backsplash papers. They literally give the same effect without costing an arm and a leg..

Paint the ceiling in white paint: Do not play around with colors on the ceiling

Go for a simple, smooth, ad bright white ceiling. It will remove the effect of a cramped space. If your ceiling in the kitchen is already white, leave it at that. However, if it is not white, then invest in a fresh paint job. 

Also, you can do wonders by removing the popcorn ceilings, it will get rid of any unwanted shadows and ugly contrasts that make the space cramped.

Pro-Tip: Even though a DIY paint job may seem tempting, but scraping the popcorn ceiling and applying a smooth paint coat is not an amateur job. You are better off hiring a professional remodeling expert or even a professional painter for this. It will turn out to be cost-effective in the long run.

kitchen design

Install skylights in the small kitchen 

If you are able to pull it off, then go for a skylight in your kitchen ceiling. This is a great way to bring natural lighting to your kitchen space without compromising the cabinet area or storage space. 

Pro-Tip: Yes, we understand that fixed lights are a huge investment, but if you go for tubular lights then it is a less expensive option especially for small-sized kitchens. Tubular lights are easy to install and easily fit in small spaces. 

Hang small-sized kitchen items

In case you are in search of ideas to declutter your kitchen space to make the place appear spacious, then try out the following tips: 

Try hanging the cooking pots and frying pans so that the cabinet space is free

Invest in magazine racks on the sides of the pantry to keep things like aluminum foil or cling wraps or scissors

Go for a door shoe organizer to store spices, sauces, condiments jars, packets, flavors, etc.

Miscellaneous Tip: Go for shiny kitchen flooring 

Select the tiles that have a gloss finish. They work ideally in small kitchen spaces and evenly spread the light around. It also makes crisp lines and defines the features of the kitchen overall. 

Pro-Tip: When it comes to kitchen decor and furnishings, go for tiles with crisp and clean lines in the kitchen. This gives the impression of a neat and organized space. 


 Keeping a small kitchen organized and clutter-free helps to create the illusion of more space by reducing visual distractions and allowing the eye to focus on the available space.


A. Task lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and ambient lighting can be used to create a brighter, more spacious-feeling kitchen.

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