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Custom Cabinets for Kitchens & Bathrooms

To cater to different people, with unique choices, Wood and Art are here with their high-end kitchen cabinets and innovative bathroom cabinet designs in Golden Beach. Sleek looking, fully functional kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the new trends of 2020. Many people seem to gravitate towards marble printed, glossy cabinets these days, after all, they are the ones who are going to live there. We also deal with different base materials and specialize in customized wood kitchen cabinets.  We have a wide range of pre-designed cabinet styles that we offer and also, have our designers ready to take your vision for the cabinet design and implement it into buildable, practical prototypes. Contact us now!

Revolutionize The Look Of Your Kitchen & Bathroom With Our Custom Closets

In modern homes and apartments, the small space of the kitchen and bathroom is quite a problem. Therefore, people tend to opt for smart storage options in order to manage more stuff in less space.  Well, we are the ones who can help you in this aspect. Wood And Art is is a team of true contractor artists that can do miracles when it comes to woodwork.  We are a family-owned and operated company serving the locals of Golden Beach FL with high-end custom closets installation services. Our experienced and innovative carpenters can translate your vision into reality and installed personalized closets for your kitchen and bathroom just the way you want them to be.  With smart storage, aesthetically appealing designs, durability, and cost-efficiency our team will take care of everything. What you need to do is to relax, sit back, and enjoying seeing our proficient team transform your fantasies into reality.  Contact us anytime for a free consultation for custom-built closets!

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