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Best Designed Custom Cabinets for Kitchens & Bathrooms​

Cabinets make a statement in your kitchen and bathrooms. We at Wood and Art can add style and color to your house with our customized wood kitchen cabinets and creative bathroom cabinets design. They can make a bold and beautiful statement and standout. Our cabinets accessorize these places so well that a bathroom or a kitchen without some kind of functional cabinets in them, seem incomplete. If you want to remake your cabinets for your kitchen or your bathroom, give us a call and tell us the idea! We can get you an efficient design finalized that contains both, your idea and our modification to make these cabinets highly functional and look aesthetically pleasing. So, now you know if you need amazing bathroom cabinets or high-end kitchen cabinets in Bal Harbour, you just have to give Wood and Art a call!

We Offer High-End Custom Closets On Your Budget

Say no to cookie-cutter work that looks what everyone else has! Use our experience, skills, and expertise to get highly personalized closets for your kitchen and bathrooms.  Wood And Art is a family-owned and operated, licensed and insured company specialized in delivering comprehensive custom closets installation services for kitchen and bathrooms. Don’t worry the small space of your kitchen will not be an issue, our carpenters will give you the best closets designs to suit the infrastructure of your place. We can provide you with unique and professional, bath, and kitchen closest installation and make them the most attractive component of your place.  We offer free consultation and 3D renderings to visualize before we build, so you get a clear idea of the final product. Still, thinking?

Well, it’s time to take an action! So, pick up your phone and contact us right away to get the most reliable and charismatic closets on your budget. We operate all across Bal Harbour FL.

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