Top Easy Upgrades to Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen and the heart of the house. Most used room and the meeting place for loved ones. Where you can get inspired by healthy cooking. Functional design can make a huge difference in the quality of your daily life and the value of your home.

Your kitchen might look a little tired, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a new look. Our top easy kitchen ideas can save you hundreds, on your kitchen changes.

Top Kitchen ideas for sustainable Upgrades

1. Add Backsplash

Installing a traditional tile backsplash is a little out of your DIY league. Adding a backsplash works great to enhance your kitchen’s personality. Installing a material consisting of a single sheet of inexpensive solid surface material, available in a variety of colors and patterns, can be your solution.

It looks modern even if you just add white subway tile with old oak cabinets. For more, opt for patterned ceramic tile, especially if you have a small space or walls that can make a big impact.

2. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen makeover doesn’t mean replacing those boring boxes with brand new cabinets. Paint cabinets are one of the best ways to modernize a kitchen. Painting the cabinets is one of the most observable and useful upgrades when you’re up to the job. This transformation will brighten up your kitchen without significantly straining your wallet.

From white to two-tone, you have almost endless color options. You can also clean the frames and doors with a strong cleaner and apply fresh paint and move the dirty kitchen to a sunny spot on the weekend.

3. Install new Kitchen Sink

A new shiny sink, along with a new faucet and countertop, will brighten up the kitchen just as much as new floors and appliances, and at a much lower cost. Now, it is not difficult to install sinks and faucets, thanks to fittings that are simply screwed or glued together, often without welding or flare-up.

4. Add Drawer Organizers and Cabinet Accessories

Half the time we spend in the kitchen, gathering ingredients, pots, dishes, and cutlery. If you want to update your kitchen, this is your reminder to add furniture accessories that you will use every day.

Install a pull-out drawer to use all the space. Because the organizer keeps everything you need close at hand. Few families invest in other storage solutions than tableware organizers. Add door racks, under-the-shelf baskets, shelves, and dividers to keep cookware, spices, lids & utensils organized.

5. Add featured wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to add vibrancy to an old kitchen. You can cover an entire wall or create an eye-catching wall for a cheaper yet equally spectacular look. Be sure to choose a wallpaper that has been specially designed for the kitchen, so that it is heat and vapor resistant.

6. Install put-down Faucet

The kitchen faucet with a small pivot head monopolizes the back of the sink. But a slender arm sticking out of the sink is all the thing and requires to hand over to perform all the functions. Like most faucets, the pulldown is easy to install. Just twist a few accessories to bring your kitchen closer to the modern look.

7. Change your kitchen hardware

Hardware does not have to match the surface of the sink and utensils. Replacing drawer handles and pullers with new hardware can add character to your kitchen. In minutes, you can quickly turn an old door into a new wardrobe.

Mixing metals, such as brass handles with black utensils, add visual interest to your kitchen design. Consider whether the style you choose is suitable for a family member with arthritis or limited abilities. Look for hardware designs that are both functional and beautiful.

So, choose a style that is easy to clean and matches the length of the old hardware drill bit (distance between holes) for quick installation.

8. Find New Fabrics

The kitchen barely felt like home until there was a towel covering the oven. Layers of fabric, such as towels, rugs, & padded stools, add to the softness of the room. From new and old seat cushions to cute curtains and tablecloths, fabrics can work wonders and don’t have to be expensive.

Changing tea towels can also have an impact. A well-placed runner or rug helps to stand at the sink or counter more easily. Consider adding a non-slip pad underneath to hold it in place and add extra cushioning. You can also purchase washable rugs to keep your kitchen looking brand new.

9. Consider a Countertop Upgrade

Coincidentally, countertops are often easy to update to breathe new life into your kitchen. However, the average cost of replacing a table is difficult to predict. The materials used to make the counter are available in different qualities and prices.

Generally, they are available in materials such as concrete, laminate, glass, ceramic tile, even porcelain stainless steel, wood-like meat block or bamboo, natural stone like granite, and marble. These materials are more suitable for certain home and kitchen situations.

10. Make a statement with Lights

Shine on an inexpensive countertop by including a dramatic ceiling light. Oversized metal pendants are the perfect way to make a statement and add a modern touch. Hang them on a table to create a focal point and provide activity and mood lighting. If you’re going for a smaller kitchen design, hang it in threes for maximum impact.

6 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Are you fond of cooking? Or in general love home-cooked food? Then you would hate to own a claustrophobic and overly cramped kitchen in your home. Who loves cooking in a kitchen where there is hardly any space to walk let alone work. 

However, a renovation or full kitchen remodel is not in everyone’s budget. But, still, there are in-budget and smart ways that you can apply to your small kitchen to make the space appear bigger and spacious than it already is. 

To help you maximize space in your small kitchen, we have gathered some ideas for your below. Let’s call them mini or pseudo remodeling. We won’t go overboard with your budget. Promise. 

  • Invest in open-style shelves on the walls

There is no match to kitchen cabinets. They provide avid storage space. However, if you are tight on space, then you can maximize the small space by using open shelves rather than cabinets. Open shelving adds depth to the room while going doorless gives the illusion of a bigger space. 

Pro-Tip: Do not have the budget for new cabinets? Simply remove the cabinet doors and smooth out the edges and voila! You have new open DIY shelves in your kitchen. 

  • Create the illusion of a big space using backsplash mirrors

To make any small space appear big, go for smart ways to maximize the reflection using mirrors. Use maximum mirrors, preferably full length or a backsplash mirror to increase the space in your kitchen. Good reflecting surfaces expand the space inside and smartly reflects the ceiling light making the space appear big and bright. 

Pro-Tip: Let’s say you cannot afford the mirrored tiles, no worries. Go to the market and look for peel-off backsplash papers. They literally give the same effect without costing an arm and a leg..

  • Paint the ceiling in white paint: Do not play around with colors on the ceiling

Go for a simple, smooth, ad bright white ceiling. It will remove the effect of a cramped space. If your ceiling in the kitchen is already white, leave it at that. However, if it is not white, then invest in a fresh paint job. 

Also, you can do wonders by removing the popcorn ceilings, it will get rid of any unwanted shadows and ugly contrasts that make the space cramped.

Pro-Tip: Even though a DIY paint job may seem tempting, but scraping the popcorn ceiling and applying a smooth paint coat is not an amateur job. You are better off hiring a professional remodeling expert or even a professional painter for this. It will turn out to be cost-effective in the long run.

kitchen design

  • Install skylights in the kitchen 

If you are able to pull it off, then go for a skylight in your kitchen ceiling. This is a great way to bring natural lighting to your kitchen space without compromising the cabinet area or storage space. 

Pro-Tip: Yes, we understand that fixed lights are a huge investment, but if you go for tubular lights then it is a less expensive option especially for small-sized kitchens. Tubular lights are easy to install and easily fit in small spaces. 

  • Hang small-sized kitchen items

In case you are in search of ideas to declutter your kitchen space to make the place appear spacious, then try out the following tips: 

  • Try hanging the cooking pots and frying pans so that the cabinet space is free
  • Invest in magazine racks on the sides of the pantry to keep things like aluminum foil or cling wraps or scissors
  • Go for a door shoe organizer to store spices, sauces, condiments jars, packets, flavors, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Tip: Go for shiny kitchen flooring 

Select the tiles that have a gloss finish. They work ideally in small kitchen spaces and evenly spread the light around. It also makes crisp lines and defines the features of the kitchen overall. 

Pro-Tip: When it comes to kitchen decor and furnishings, go for tiles with crisp and clean lines in the kitchen. This gives the impression of a neat and organized space. 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Choosing A Design

Now you have determined to renovate your kitchen or make some small modifications, we have a great list of kitchen remodelling suggestions. Even small makeovers may improve the look of your kitchen significantly.

Let’s clear out one thing right at the start: whether you reside with a family or by yourself, the kitchen is the liveliest area in a house. From the coffee you whip up to get out of that incredible sleep every morning to the last glass of water you drink every night, the kitchen stays at the centre of your residence. It is perfectly acceptable as to why just like life, kitchen structure also requires a breath of fresh air or merely a coat of fresh paint.


Cabinets end up embracing one-third of renovation reserves on average. They are a high influence aspect of design and have the ability to fix the space. Though renovating all of your cabinetry can provide a considerable return on investment, doing so can be exceptionally costly. There are other means to update cabinets, whether by enhancing lighting, new hardware, or a new coat of colour.

Focus on Flooring

If a whole kitchen modification is what you’re after, it’s time to update your flooring. Various choices are handy nowadays. If you’re searching for a reliable, easy-to-clean pick and adore the conventional appeal of hardwoods, suppose a wood-look option, such as vinyl or glazed ceramic tile, which you can also employ on the wall as a rustic backsplash.


Like flooring, selecting a kitchen countertop is based on multiple elements, from looking and feeling to expense and care. A span of materials can be employed for countertops, such as granite, marble, glass, stainless steel and engineered quartz. Tiles can also be used in various places–from the backsplash to the floor or counter.

Pendant Lights

Most people are not interested in the kitchen lights, and the lights are always overlooked. For kitchen lights, it is suggested you select bold and big ones. The only aspect you should be careful of in your kitchen makeover is the size of the vast, fierce pendant light you want to avoid it being devastating in your kitchen area.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks will never go out of fashion as the best charms, and more popular ones are either stainless steel or porcelain. They are timeless elements and put in a unique look and are immense. The best versions come with one or two basins and an unguarded front apron structure. They can be a little on the expensive side, are a great accessory to your kitchen and are designed to function with an existing sink cabinet.


The kitchen should be an area where you like your time, and if you are low on kitchen design suggestions, this is the read for you. Massive kitchens are more manageable to design than small kitchens as they have an area to encompass all the kitchen design inklings in your wish list. It does not say you cannot make an incredible kitchen remodel with a small kitchen, as you should work with what you possess.

How to Design a Modern Kitchen?

The kitchen is known as the focal point of your home and homeowners try hard to make it contemporary and modern by following the latest trends. A kitchen design is certainly significant in terms of aesthetic, you can never forget how influential it will be when it comes to the design of your new kitchen. 

The kitchen is among the most frequently used rooms of your home so, why not get it designed following the modern trends? You need to make sure that the simple advancements making your kitchen broader enhancing its functionality is the key.  If you want to transform your kitchen into a modern one or want to build it from the scratch then this article can help you out. Now, we can help you spruce up the uniqueness of the kitchen by following these modern trends and designs.

Advanced Elements:

Irrespective of the styles the first thing that is required when making your kitchen modern is updating its elements. You need to incorporate the latest technology into your kitchen space. The sleek style appliances consume less space and are equipped with smart functions. Custom storage solutions can add more and more space.

Streamlining Designs:

When using the best materials and textures for your kitchen making it a stress-free environment. While removing the upper wall cabinets you get more space. Making your kitchen look more spacious and brighter. In this way, you can utilize the kitchen countertop space with more productivity. Open shelves are the best options if you need more space. Preferring materials with texture will give a nice outlook.

Ceramic or Hardwood Flooring: 

Both of the materials have their distinctive demand, over the years hardwood flooring is popular till now but when it comes to multifarious benefits then ceramic tiles are the best option to consider. In the kitchen, ceramic can give the same appealing look as the hardwood flooring, and also it is easy to be maintained.

Kitchen Islands:

When it comes to kitchen island multipurpose designs it is still in trend. It has become the point of attention for the whole room. The design must make a statement of style. single level larger serving multiple purposes. The kitchen spaces are extended to living spaces with open-plan designs. In 2021, the trend is followed by the genre that kitchen space becomes multifunctional.

Improving Countertops:

When it comes to kitchen remodeling you need to utilize materials like granite and laminate for the countertops. As in the realm of modern kitchens, simple designs are given preference. Quartz is something that is more dependable and portrays a look that resembles granite. 

A Pop Of Color:

When it is about adding color then it can be multifaceted things such as from the islands to a full wall or a festive carpet it could be anything. It is no more a matchy-matchy combination that will work but it is an array of colors. It also doesn’t particularly cover the whole kitchen.

Bottom Line:

These trends are to be used for designing a modern kitchen that complements the beauty of other spaces of the home. You can design an expedient and aesthetically appealing kitchen when you adopt these trends.

5 Things to Consider When Remodeling A Kitchen

5 Things to Consider
When Remodeling A Kitchen

One spends a great deal of time planning before a kitchen remodeling project but it only proves to be beneficial if you know what to pay attention to. Whatever your preferences may be, the first step is to create a budget. When you know what you can spend, you can narrow down the choices to a certain budget limit. 

A lot of homeowners ask us what are some of the best improvements they can make in limited budgets. Although kitchen remodeling is estimated to increase the value of a property by 6%, smart investments can help you recoup a lot more than that. Our kitchen remodeling experts have enlisted the top 5 things to consider for a successful kitchen remodeling project.

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets not only make a significant part of the aesthetic appeal but their design and quality impact the functionality. According to our estimate, about one-third of your kitchen remodeling budget should be set aside for the installation of kitchen cabinetry. Invest your money in getting customized cabinets for your kitchen design and never compromise on the quality.

If the existing cabinetry just needs touch-ups, you still need a good amount of money for doing that. Painting the cabinets is one of the most economical ways to restore their look.

Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen floors endure a lot of traffic, moisture problems, and spills. Replacing the kitchen floors is one of the most expensive projects but it surely changes the entire look of the space. You can make your kitchen brighter and easy to maintain by installing tiles or laminate floors. There are relatively few options when it comes to kitchen floors so make sure you discuss all the possibilities with your kitchen remodeling contractor. It is going to take a massive chunk of your budget.

You can also grout and seal to bring a fresh look to the existing floors. It all depends on your budget constraints.

The Functionality Of Your Kitchen

Aesthetic appeal of your kitchen matters but comfort is even more important. Consider the number of family members, how you are going to use the kitchen in the future, and will you be staying in the house for the coming years. Set up the items for a more functional cooking space. Don’t forget to factor in the lighting.  

Plan The Appliances You Need In Your Kitchen

Appliances make up an integral part of a metropolitan kitchen. Consider the quality, longevity, energy efficiency, size, and technological features of the appliances before you make any purchases. About 20% of your budget must be dedicated to kitchen appliances. Opt for built-in appliances for better functionality.

Decide Who Will Handle The Project

Last but not the least, you have to decide who will handle the entire project. If DIY is not your piece of cake, no need to worry. We can help you transform your kitchen into a space you will love and cherish for years. Our company excels at providing customized kitchen remodeling solutions.

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Having expensive cabinets hanging on your kitchen walls doesn’t mean much if you don’t like the paint. This is why many homeowners are considering updating the cabinetry with a color tone of their choice. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a quite messy job, and the last thing you want is to paint all over your kitchen countertops as you learn how to paint and refinish your kitchen cabinets. Eventually, it increases your work and headache because now you have to scratch paint from the countertops too. Now, does it mean you should not be doing this on your own? No! you can refinish your kitchen DIY if you do it smartly. This article will tell you how you can transform dated, worn-out cabinets into attractive new ones without ruining your kitchen walls and countertops.

First Thing First, Can You Handle This Refinish Job?

This kitchen cabinet restoration project isn’t as confusing or complicated as a complete kitchen remodel, but it is still an important task. Be prepared to devote three or four weekends, a lot of effort, and a maximum of brains. There is not a lot of woodwork involved, but you will need to plan prudently and measure precisely for the cabinet doors to look good. Painting is above all a task of determination.

Protect Your Countertops And Walls

An easy way to protect your countertops, walls, and floors is to cover them with rosin or inexpensive brown construction paper. You can find this paper anywhere at a local hardware store or at any supermarket. All you need to do is take some glue and stick this paper where a paint splash or a drop can hit. This will save you a lot of time scraping paint from walls and countertops. You can thank me later for this advice!

Now Sand And Apply The Paint After The Primer Coat

Use a wooden sanding block to avoid rounding the edges of the wood. When sanding, it is not necessary to remove all the old paint if it is strong and well adhered, just scraping the surface to give the new paint a firm and clean base for better adhesion. Use a good quality brush to apply a uniform coat of primer-sealer to all surfaces to ensure a well-adhered top coat. Paint cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as well as separate pieces of wood or moldings. If these parts have raised or twisted features, make sure the paint is flowing into the cracks and corners, but don’t allow it to build up in these places. Take your time and paint comfortably.

How To Choose A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

How To Choose A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

You need to be critical if you are looking for a contractor. There are many ways you can go around. The best one is to think like an employer. When an employer is hiring, he will never go with the first candidate walking into the room. There is a gruesome task of vetting and interviewing aspirants before he sets his heart on one.

The same is true when you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor. You must go through extensive research, or you can rely on professionals for that part, and pit companies against one another to get the best one.

To help you in your search, here are some practical tips to help you through the process.

Get Referrals

In lieu of not going with the first one, you must start by getting information about all the competent companies in your area. Make a list of 5 to 10 of the best ones. It is not hard to find these.

  • Start by asking your friends, family, and coworkers, and then take it from there. One of them must have some experience in the past with a remodeling contractor.
  • Companies showcase their abilities and work so it is easy to find them online. You can track down several through their websites and social media pages.
  • Take help from Google or other search engines of your choice.


As companies like to showcase their work, you can easily get ahold of their portfolios and make a better decision based on that information. You will find this to be true in their website galleries and social media handles.

For starters, you should get a good look at at least 10 model kitchens. To be sure, ask the prospective contractor to take you to the current site.

Kitchen remodeling can cost thousands of dollars so the project should not be handed to newbies and novices. If you find the portfolio to be substandard, it is time to move on.

Catching Up With References

Another important thing in the process is to get a list of references from a prospective company. Most of the companies will happily send you the names, phone numbers, addresses, and times of the project upon request. So, it is best to randomly contact some references or drive to a location if it is feasible.

Ask them anything you may think will help you in making the decision about going with a particular contractor. You know what to do if the feedback is positive or negative.

There are caveats in this part too. For instance, a contractor is unwilling to provide references or they are too few to make a substantial sample size.

Bidding & Selection

If you are impressed by the work, it is time to go ahead and finalize the details, meaning pricing and contract. Be ready to loosen up some large because good work does not come cheap, but it also does not cost a load. The idea is to strike the perfect balance between value and money.

How to Build Custom Closets

How to Build Custom Closets

Each fruitful custom storage room works around an essential edge that is altogether arranged ahead of time. This arranging stage should never skip or give an alternate route. It is this mindful plan system that makes space work for its proprietor and holds up over the long haul. If you end up making an investigation of custom wardrobe plans, you will find that there are sure fundamental segments (or bones) shared by each fruitful storeroom. 

Regardless of the size of the task, think about these fundamental parts like “Legos” that can orchestrate and collect into a perpetual course of action to suit various requirements and closets. Here some tips on how to build custom closets.

build custom closets

Basic Building Blocks Of Closet Design

In the craft of the storeroom plan, there are some fundamental structure hinders that are fundamental for a wardrobe to fabricate. This structure obstructs the “skeleton” of each storeroom. Every one of the structure squares can be floor-based, or suspended on the divider and arrive in an assortment of profundities and shadings. These all specific plan rules require to be clung to for greatest capacity, availability, and usefulness. 

Pick tallness for your storage room first and base the entirety of your parts off of this stature. The standard stature for custom storage rooms is 84 inches. This stature will keep everything available for the normal individual. If you want a vault or high roofs, plan for some kind of helping gadget.

Long-Hang Section

Standard storage rooms that accompany most new homes as a rule incorporate a solitary storeroom pole with a rack or two above. This setup is all long-hang since it will oblige your longest articles of clothing without allowing them to delay the floor. A great many people needn’t bother with a ton of long-drape space in their storage rooms because their closets fundamentally comprise of two-piece or more limited things.

Long-hang and medium-hang storeroom areas look something very similar, the solitary distinction the number of racks utilized previously. You can have more retirement over a medium-hang storage room area than long-hang. Garments that require a long-hang area are by and large genuinely substantial. Configuration long-drape areas at 36 inches width or more modest to guarantee the primary uprightness of the wardrobe and forestall any opportunity of breakdown. 

Besides, permit 62-65 crawls of vertical stature, contingent upon how tall you are, for pieces of clothing, put away in the long-hang segment.

The Double-Hang Section

By twofold hang, it means zones of the storeroom where one bar is hungover another, basically multiplying your hanging space. Configuration twofold hang segments no more extensive than 42 inches. Planning more extensive areas than 42″ could risk the underlying trustworthiness of the storage room system. 

The stature required for every one of the two hanging segments is likewise 42 inches. Bringing the all-out space required for this part to 42″ W x 84″ H. The number of twofold hang areas your storage room will need will rely upon your closet. You can add racks over the twofold hang if you have extremely high roofs to manage and have chosen more prominent tallness for your storage room.

Shelving Sections

Each racking area commonly contains seven to ten racks for a standard 84-inch wardrobe. More retirees may incorporate if utilizing a taller wardrobe framework for space with higher roofs. Extra retirement can be useful for use as shoe stockpiling. All racks ought to have an assigned reason. For instance, two sweaters can fit next to each other on a 30-inch wide rack. This rack can likewise hold four sets of ladies’ shoes or three sets of men’s shoes.


Effectively planning and building a storage room requires something beyond the capacity to mount a garments pole. Before handling another custom storage room, it is essential to get your work done. Start by plotting everything out on paper. The successful closet design depends on this advanced planning. Consider everything you need since the beginning.

What Are The Best Wood To Build Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

What Are The Best Wood To Build Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Elegant cabinetry can make any kitchen look like a million bucks. And it is not surprising that cabinets made up of wood make a classic feature that adds a luxurious warmth to space. Whether stained or kept natural, wooden cabinets work with almost any kitchen design. 

If you are a fan of wood cabinetry already or just recently saw it at a friend’s house and now want it for your kitchen, we are here to help. Our experienced professionals have created a brief yet informative guide for you to choose the best wood for your custom wooden kitchen cabinets.

A Pro-Tip!

Keep in mind that wood cabinets are prone to moisture content changes and they can warp easily. Wood must be finished from all sides. If you are opting for unfinished cabinetry from the factory, it should be finished on-site as soon as possible.

  1. White Oak Wood

White oak wood is one of the most durable options. It has a subtle grain with more golden tones. If you want to create a period look in your kitchen, white oak wood pairs well with it. Generally, it is only available for custom cabinets so you can choose your favorite design and let us know. We will make sure that you get what you asked for.

  1. Red Oak Wood

With its rich tones, red oak wood is one of the most popular choices for custom kitchen cabinetry among homeowners. That’s because it is strong, durable, and relatively affordable as compared to other wood options. It has pronounced grain patterns and is typically chosen for traditional style kitchen cabinets.  

  1. Hard Maple Wood

Hard maple is less dense as compared to oak wood but a bit more expensive. If you want a light and contemporary look for your kitchen, it is your go-to option. Known as one of the hardest materials for cabinetry, you can rely on it for years to come.

  1. Hickory Wood

Hickory is similar in strength and pattern to oak. The creamy pale yellow wood can be stained lending itself a rustic farmhouse look. It resists denting and scratching as compared to the softer woods.

  1. Cherry Wood

Cherry is considered a luxury wood because of its warm rich color and subtle, intricate grain pattern. It typically demands higher prices than other domestic hardwoods but it’s hard enough to withstand knocking and marring. Cherry wood goes well with almost any kitchen design.

  1. Birch Wood

Birchwood is a relatively inexpensive wood owing to its irregular coloring but its durability is commendable. The fine grain wood is slightly darker than maple and can masquerade its expensive alternatives quite well.

  1. Ash Wood

With a more pronounced figure, ash wood is generally paired with contemporary designs. It is not as durable as maple or oak but still a popular choice for custom kitchen cabinets owing to its unique color tone. Give us a call now to know more about the possibilities.

12 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Renovation you need to know

12 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Renovation you need to know

A kitchen is perhaps the area of the house that is used the most.

“The heart of the home”

This is why having a comfortable and functional kitchen in their homes is a #1 priority for everyone.


When you are considering a kitchen renovation, it is essential to have a both functional and updated space as a goal.  


Each year new designs, latest technologies, and innovation change the way kitchens operate.


In addition, a kitchen gets more wear and tear than any other area of your house, from smoke, oil, stains, water damage, and a lot more, which can eventually lead to the need for some renovation.


When the time comes, you might need to consider some common mistakes people make while updating their kitchen design.

Many people don’t consider some of these most common mistakes and that can severely impact the results on your kitchen as a functional space.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind and mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen.

1. Non-functional Kitchen Island

Every modern kitchen has an island; however, the question here is, how functional your island really is?

Most Islands are space-consuming blobs in the middle, when they are essentially supposed to be the most multi-functional feature within a kitchen.

However, if not designed right, it can be a major inconvenience.

Not only does an island take a lot of space, but it will also serve no purpose if it is not designed in the right way.

The goal is not only to make it luxurious and modern but to add touches that make it a useful component in your workspace.

Try adding a farmers sink within your island with extra storage space at the bottom.

This can help to create a space for you to wash your groceries as soon as they come in and can also serve as concealed storage space for pots and pans.

You can also use it to make your garbage disposal or dishwashing area separated from your other counters, so that the area is clean and maintained regularly.

2. Narrow Kitchen Aisles

One of the most common mistakes in kitchen renovation is not focusing on Aisles. Many people forget about how wide or narrow a kitchen aisle should be, even when it is the core walkthrough of your kitchen.

An aisle should never be too tight and narrow. You often carry large trays of food and drinks, trolleys and even have to transport heavier appliances, and an aisle should cater to these needs without serving you any trouble.

One of the most important features of luxury kitchens is wider aisle spaces that allow free movement, transport, and multiple people to walk in and out of the kitchen without any trouble. One rule to always remember: The wider the aisles, the more convenient and functional space is for you to operate in.

3. Not planning for storage

Storage planning is always a must for kitchen renovation!

A kitchen is perhaps one of the areas in the house that needs to be best equipped for all kinds of storage.

For food, you require a pantry; for dry food and spices, you need open organization fixtures; for utensils and cutlery, you require cabinets!

It is important to not only make storage spaces, but to make some that are easy for you to use and maintain.

A lack of clean and concealed storage spaces is what can ruin a kitchens look. Nobody likes dishes, pots, pans out in the open, and this is often a result of not planning for appropriate storage.

Modern kitchen designs incorporate concealed spaces for storage of all kinds of goods, you need to have a functioning pantry, a place for dishes, small appliances and a place to store all your cooking essentials.

 4. Small dining tables

It is important to consider the days when your house might be full.

You might have a kitchen that caters perfectly to you and your family of four, but does it serve the same purpose when you have friends or family over?

On most days, your kitchen can easily cater to your needs, but on some events and parties, you may be short on space, that can easily be solved with some pre-planning and organization.

Most people add dinner tables as an extension of their kitchen. It allows seating space, and you can also host events from time to time.

However, it is important to keep in mind space and aesthetics before making that decision.

Some spaces require dinner tables, so there are no empty spaces surrounding the kitchen. It is also important to pick out a size that not only serves you but your friends and family as well (Extendable tables can work very well for this purpose).

The layout should not make the space too compact once a few people are over. So always plan for a little more than what your family needs.

5. Impulsive decisions

It is vital to think out what you plan to do with your kitchen space before implementing the changes. Capture some inspiration, talk to a professional, and know your options thoroughly!

The overwhelming amount of options for materials, colors, themes, and technology that are available can make it quite tough to make a decision, but a well-throughout choice is always better than an impulsive design choice.

Often a piece of furniture, the color of the counter, or any other minor detail can ruin the ambiance as well as the functionality of your kitchen.

It is a wise decision to sit down with a professional and go over your floor plan, making changes in the most problematic areas of your kitchen and working upwards.

6. Contradicting Colours and themes

Contradicting colors and themes can really put you off from a kitchen, also since it’s one of the most used spaces in a house, it should always have a comfortable aura around it.

There are many materials within a kitchen that need to be coherent. Metals, wooden textures, tiles, marbles, while these all may be different, they need to have a factor that ties them together.

This is why a picturesque contemporary kitchen is a result of thorough decision process and some professional help.

People often make the mistake of picking colors according to their Pinterest inspiration, but those colors and themes might not always fit the space you are working with.

7. Tight workflow space

A tight workflow space can ruin how a kitchen operates on a day to day basis. It leads to more clutter, mess, and a lot more cleaning. 

Pro tip: The more workflow space, the more you are likely to manage your kitchen work easily.

Especially focusing on the core of your kitchen, space should never be cramped with furniture and appliances. Space is not always the issue, but often the placement of your essential components. 

The stove, for example, should not be crowded with other appliances nearby.

In addition, separate counter space for cutting, washing, and cleaning can really help with managing your time and resources.

8. Sacrificing on counter space

Many people make smaller counters to have a more open working space, but that ideal contradicts itself! 

An open working space involves a larger counter space for you to work with.

Many people choose to sacrifice counter spaces, and when their appliances come in, then a toaster, mixer, and juicer can easily take up loads of space, giving you less room to work with and making the kitchen look cluttered.

This can easily make things messy and make your organization harder each time you work in the kitchen. 

Larger countertops contribute towards a functional workspace and keep your kitchen looking neat even after you use it throughout the day.

9. Make your kitchen a part of your home

Many people forget that a kitchen is not an independent space of its own, but an extension to your living space. 

Make sure that the other areas of the house are not affected by the way you design your kitchen.

Often people go for front-open kitchens, but the smoke, oil, and other smells from your kitchen can travel to other living spaces, making it uncomfortable each time the kitchen is used.

Make sure your kitchen is fully equipped for exhausts, window placements, hobs, and other ways to aerate the place when needed. 

10. Think of your appliances


People often think of appliances as the finishing touch to the kitchen. Once everything is built, it is considered a time to fit in the appliances.

However, it is actually the exact opposite. Kitchens are built around your core appliances. There needs to be a dedicated space for your microwave, ovens, mixers, toasters, dishwashers, and more.

This way, nothing looks forced in, and everything falls into place seamlessly when the kitchen is finished.

This is one of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes to this date. It is recommended to sit with a professional and consider all the potential appliances you plan to have in the kitchen, as well as the specifications of each one.

This way, you can dedicate a space to them, without having to make one once the kitchen is finished.

11. Kitchen tiling and walls


Tiling and walls are an essential component when it comes to luxury kitchens.  People often go with gorgeous marbles, Turkish tiling, accents of wood, and gold to make the place appear homier.

However, a problem that you might encounter later is that these materials can take a lot of damage when it comes to heat, smoke, oil accumulation, and other common things within a kitchen.

Make sure that the surfaces you use are easy to clean at the end of the day. Tiles are recommended since they don’t hoard stains as bad as other materials.

In addition, wooden panels and accents should not be near the core working space as they can easily show signs of water damage.

Lastly, the walls should have a cool tone color, which will take its time to fade and will not turn yellow as soon as you start using your kitchen.

Warm colors can turn yellow after some time and make your kitchen look aged. Cool tone colors help establish a brighter and wider space and cancel out the effect of smoke and heat on the walls to a great extent.


12. Underutilization of space


Empty spaces might look great in your living room or even a bedroom, but it seems out of place in a kitchen. Make sure you never make the mistake of underutilizing spaces when renovating your kitchen.

If you are aiming for a contemporary kitchen, then a wise idea would be to have a copy of the floor map. This allows you to aerially allocated spaces to islands, counters, aisles, cabinets, sinks, appliances, and much more.

A perfectly placed map will give you enough room to work in the kitchen and also not have any empty spaces.

You don’t need to overpopulate the kitchen with unnecessary fixtures, but you can certainly design it in a way that the space looks coherent and functional.

Forgetting to think in 3D

A common mistake people make during renovation is to take into account the size of things. While planning things and laying them out on a map can help with design and placement, it can often lead to trouble when things happen in 3D.

Like your refrigerator might protrude from a certain line, or your stovetop might have a higher length than your countertop. It is important to take all these tiny measurements into consideration, so you don’t have to rearrange things all over again.

Another wise idea would be to take into account the measurements of your appliances when deciding the length and width of your countertops, cabinets, and other major components of the kitchen.

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